Dr. Zhou Jing (Assistant Professor)

Zhou Jing,Institude of Tibetan Plateau Research, Chinese Acadimy of Sciences,Assistant Professor


2006.09 – 2009.07,Chinese Academy of Forestry,Ph.D.。

2003.09 – 2006.07,Southwest University,College of Resources and Environment,M.S.。

1999.09 – 2003.07,Southwest University,College of Resources and Environment,B.S.。


2013.07 – now,Institude of Tibetan Plateau Research, Chinese Acadimy of SciencesAssistant Professor

2011.01 – 2013.06,Peking University,College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering,Postdoc Researcher

2009.07 – 2010.12,Guangzhou Institude of GeographyAssistant Professor

Selected Publications:

1. Zhou Jing, Wang L, Zhang YS, Guo YH, He D. 2016. Spatiotemporal variations of actual evapotranspiration over the Lake Selin Co and surrounding small lakes (Tibetan Plateau) during 2003-2012. Science China Earth Sciences, 59(12): 2441-2453.

2. Jing Zhou, L Wang, YS Zhang, YH Guo, XP Li and WB Liu. 2015. Exploring the water storage changes in the largest lake (Selin Co) over the Tibetan Plateau during 2003-2012 from a basin-wide hydrological modeling. Water Resources Research, 51: 8060-8086.

3. Jing Zhou, D He, YF Xie, Y Liu, YH Yang, H Sheng, HC Guo, L Zhao, R Zou. 2015. Integrated SWAT model and Statistical Downscaling for Estimating streamflow response to climate change in the Lake Dianchi Watershed, China. Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment, 29: 1193-1210.

4. Jing Zhou, ZY Liang, Y Liu, HC Guo, D He, L Zhao. 2015. Six-decade temporal change and seasonal decomposition of climate variables in Lake Dianchi watershed (China): stable trend or abrupt shift?. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 119: 181-191.

5. Jing Zhou, Y Liu, HC Guo, D He. 2014. Combining the SWAT model with Sequential Uncertainty Fitting Algorithm for streamflow prediction and Uncertainty analysis for the Lake Dianchi Basin, China. Hydrological Processes, 28: 521-533.

6. Wang L*, Jing Zhou*, Jia Q, et al. 2017. Development of a land surface model with coupled snow and frozen soil physics. Water Resources Research, 53: 5085-5103.

7. WB Liu, L Wang, Jing Zhou, YZ Li, FB Sun, GB Fu, XP Li, YF Sang. 2016. A worldwide evaluation of basin-scale evapotranspiration estimates against the water balance method. Journal of Hydrology, 538: 82-95.

8. Godfrey Ouma Makokha, L Wang, Jing Zhou, XP Li, Aihui Wang, GP Wang, David Kuria. 2016. Quantitative drought monitoring in a typical cold river basin over Tibetan Plateau: An integration of meteorological, agricultural and hydrological droughts. Journal of Hydrology, 543: 782-795.

9. Sadia Bibi, L Wang, XP Li, Jing Zhou, DL Chen, TD Yao. 2018. Climatic and associated cryospheric, biospheric, and hydrological changes on the Tibetan Plateau: a review. International Journal of Climatology, DOI: 10.1002/joc.5411.

10. L Wang, LT Sun, Maheswor Shrestha, XP Li, WB Liu, Jing Zhou, K Yang, H Lu, DL Chen. 2016. Improving snow process modeling with satellite-based estimation of near-surface-air-temperature lapse rate. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 121: 12005-12030.

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12. Arthur W Sichangi, L Wang, K Yang, DL Chen, ZJ Wang, XP Li, Jing Zhou, WB Liu, D Kuria. 2016. Estimating continental river basin discharges using multiple remote sensing data sets. Remote Sensing of Environment, 179: 36-53.