Dr. Yin Yuanyuan (Assistant Professor)

Education and Appointments:

2017.12-now            Research assistant               Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2017.05-2017.11   Engineer

2013.07-2017.04   Postdoc Researcher   Institude of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences


2008.09-2013.07   Ph.D.   Beijing Normal University  

2004.09-2008.07  M.S.      Qufu Normal University

Selected Publications:

[1]     Yuanyuan Yin, Qiuhong Tang, Xingcai Liu, Xujun Zhang. Water Scarcity under Various Socio-economic Pathways and its Potential Effects on Food Production in the Yellow River Basin. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 2017, 21, 791-804 (SCI)

[2]     Yuanyuan Yin, Qiuhong Tang, Lixin Wang, Xingcai Liu. Risk and contributing factors of ecosystem shifts under climate change in China. Scientific Reports, doi: 10.1038/srep20905 (SCI)

[3]     Yuanyuan Yin, Qiuhong Tang, Xingcai Liu. A multi-model analysis of change in potential yield of major crops in China under climate change. Earth System Dynamics, 2015, 6, 45-59 (SCI)

[4]     Yuanyuan Yin, Xingming Zhang, Degen Lin, Han Yu, Jing’ai Wang, Peijun Shi. GEPIC-V-R: A GIS-based tool for regional crop drought risk assessment. Agricultural Water Management, 2014, 144: 107-109 (SCI)

[5]     Yuanyuan Yin, Jing’ai Wang, Yongdeng Lei, Yanyu Yin. Agriculture drought hazard risk assessment in China. The 5 ISCRAM-CHINA International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Management, Harbin, China, 2011 (EI)

      [6]     Qiuhong Tang and Quansheng Ge (eds.). Atlas of Environmental Risks facing China under Climate Change. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2018

      [7]     Peijun Shi and R. Kasperson (eds.). World Atlas of Natural Disaster Risk. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg and Beijing Normal University Press, 2015